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2-5 days – Reply to the order receipt email with the Email Address you need hacked.


Using our own custom techniques we can hack almost any email address. This service does not include any banks or gov addresses. You will receive the proxy and cookies to login. 

Price: 250 USD

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Author: Alfred

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42 thoughts on “Email Hacking

  1. yarikmega2016 says:

    What is the success rate and the time needed for 1 email address? Do you provide the password along with the proxy and cookies to login?

  2. kevin says:


    I want 1 email data how can i give this job to you,
    I need to understand how to make payment and how can i get my data.

  3. Proteus says:

    Sorry last question before order: Can this service hack gmail/hotmail accounts with 2fa/google authenticator with mobile phone turned on?

  4. SecuredHacksAdmin says:

    For 2FA with SMS you need the SS7 service for SMS intercept as well from our marketplace. If the code is sent to the Auth app then you need the Phone Spy service as well to retrieve that code.

  5. lukevanderwallll says:

    Do i receive all the history chat or just the new messages received?
    If the email account turns out to have 2fa/google authenticator can i get a refund?
    Thank you very much

  6. SecuredHacksAdmin says:

    You have access to the email account. If the emails are there then you can see them all. If the account has 2FA SMS Auth you can order our SS7 SMS Intercept service by r00t to bypass it. There is no refund otherwise since the seller applies the hacking service and 2FA is not part of it.

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