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48h – Reply to the order receipt email with the Instagram username you need hacked.


Instagram hacking is performed using different methods. You will receive proxy, complete cookies and password to login in the account and not trigger any suspicion on the account.

Note that this does not apply to verified blue badge accounts.

Price: 350 USD

Verified by SecuredHacks Admin

Author: inject0r

Included in : Silver Membership


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18 thoughts on “Instagram Hacking

  1. says:

    I have another question… Can I login to the hacked account using the Instagram App for Android or is only login in the browser possible? Because of cookies and proxy.

  2. says:

    Do i have to write anything on transaction description when i send the bitcoin?I mean, how do you know what service i am requesting if i just send you the btc?

  3. says:

    so if i order the instagram hack i need to order the SS7 too at the same transaction? they both have different delivery times, if so do i need to state in email that i bought both? or buy instagram first, wait for result and then buy SS7?

  4. says:

    So i pay both for instagram account + SS7 in one transaction and state in email and ask for coordinate between them? it will be 750$ right?

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