iPhone / Android Hacking

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Delivery Time:

1-5 days – Reply to the order receipt email with the Phone number of the victim you want to hack the mobile phone.


Using our own custom methods we can infect the target phone with a malicious app using only the victim phone number. Pricing is for 3 months.

Tasks you can perform once victim phone is infected: 

  1. View Call Logs
  2. View Text Messages
  3. View Contacts
  4. View Browser History / Bookmarks
  5. View Calendar
  6. View Photos
  7. View Videos
  8. View Social Media (All apps installed)
  9. View Chats (Social Media Whatsapp Telegram…etc)
  10. View Location – City Only
  11. View Installed Apps
  12. View Location – Exact location in real time – Street level
  13. File/Folder Voyager (download)
  14. Text Messages (delete/view)
  15. Call Manager (view/delete call logs)
  16. Contacts Browser (read/edit/)
  17. Emails (read)
  18. Detailed Info (get IMEI/WiFi Mac Address/Cellphone Carrier)
  19. Keylogger
  20. File/Folder Voyager+ (upload/create/delete)
  21. Text Messages+ (write/send)
  22. Call Manager+ (make calls/listen to calls in real time)
  23. Contacts Browser+ (/delete/add contacts)
  24. Emails+ (write/send/delete)
  25. Remote Eyes (take picture from front/back camera)
  26. Remote Ears (listen to mic lively)
  27. Recorder {record calls/record video from camera/record mic)


Price: 849 USD

Verified by SecuredHacks Admin

Author: cybersky


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78 thoughts on “iPhone/Android Hacking

  1. says:

    How i can I believe you’ve successfully hacked the phone.
    Do you have test to hacking to believe

  2. says:

    Can you send proof first before we send payment? Can i try the kripkey reader plan first tgen upgrade to editor afterwards once i am satisfied?

  3. says:

    Does the target know when they get infected? Is there any chance they would find out?

  4. says:

    You left out this important question above ..Does the target know when they get infected? Is there any chance they would find out?

  5. says:

    Can you direct me to to the easiest btc purchase? I don’t know anything about it or where to start

  6. says:

    Does it work on an iPhone XR running iOS 14.X with two factor authentication for WhatsApp?

  7. says:

    What are the advantages to purchase the service here instead of from the Kripkey page directly?

    What if the target doesn’t install the update?

  8. says:

    want to buy this service after send btc where i sen du scrrenshort or how to contcat you i paid to this adress wha is next step after payment ../pls clear

  9. says:

    I hve question:
    1. How many phone number that i should give to you if i buy for one services.?is that only one number?.If no, Can i buy twice in one time for different number
    2. How can you identified the buyer that already buy your services?should i need to screenshoot and send the receipt to your email.?
    3.Can this services spy the victim number for whtsapp vc or telegram vc realtime.?

  10. says:

    Can you explain your escrow service? If I make the bitcoin payment, all the BTC moved to the seller. At what point is it in escrow?

  11. says:

    For the payment I am not clear with ‘OPEN SECURE ESCROW’ step. Can you please provide a link to navigate to ESCROW because this is my first time doing this.

  12. says:

    What happens when you send bitcoin, to a depository. who is in control of it, how do I as a principal have control over it? How will I be in contact with the person who performs the task? There is a lot of ambiguity here…

  13. says:

    Hi, more questions about operatino.
    1. After you receive the payment.you will provide service to infect the target? or provide tool we do it by myself?
    2. After the target is infected, you will provide monitor Web w/ account/password to allow us to monitor the target by myself or ?
    3.AM i untraceable no matter our deal and during monitoring the target by myself?

  14. says:

    Paying upfront is usually a suckers game. I’ve done that once. it did not work out well for me as as soon as they had my payment, they vanished. What options are available here other than paying upfront and hoping something honest and legit happens thereafter?

  15. SecuredHacksAdmin says:

    We offer Escrow system for all services/tools listed on the marketplace. If you don’t receive your service/tool you get refunded to the address mentioned on the registration form.

  16. says:

    I read the installation is done in stealth mode, but does the target have to act on the hack to install it?

  17. says:

    Target has older iphone and complains about wifi not working and poor cell signal strength during the day. Won’t this make those problems worse? Will it increase their data consumption?

  18. says:

    If the target gets a new phone with the same number does the hack rollover to the new phone?

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