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SS7 Lifetime Software includes access to UNLIMITED SS7 SMS intercept, SS7 Call intercept and redirect, Location Tracking and Live Phone Intercept.

Using our SS7 exploits we can intercept any SMS and bypass 2FA SMS Authentication. You can hack gmail accounts,Whatsapp/Telegram accounts, Facebook/Instagram/Twitter accounts, bitcoin accounts, credit cards which require Verified by VISA or MasterCard Secure Code or any other site that requires a SMS to authenticate.


Price: 5000 USD

Verified by SecuredHacks Admin

Author: ss7dev


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72 thoughts on “SS7 SMS Intercept Exploit

  1. says:

    On your gold membership you have the ss7 on offer. Do you provide a log in to send 10 SMS or 10 Calls or 10 Location Tracking
    or do i have to send you the numbers and then you process it?

    so you are reseller?

  2. says:

    DOES your UNLIMITED mean unlimited times and phone numbers to track, or unlimited times on a single phone number?

  3. says:

    Hi if i purchase ,i m need any oder isue ,tonjoin in ss7 network, when i buy exploid , do i need any oder isue ?

  4. says:

    do you support which wallet for send payment services?
    I want to use ss7 I send BTC do you accept electrum wallet

  5. says:

    will I receive instruction on how to use the SS7 after purchase and do I need to have access to victim phone to intercept the call or sms

  6. says:

    hi, what are the guarantees that the SS7 application works, and if it doesn’t work, how do I get the money back?

  7. SecuredHacksAdmin says:

    Funds are placed in Escrow for every purchase. If any service/tool does not work as advertised you receive the funds back to the bitcoin address mentioned upon sign up.

  8. says:

    How is a dispute opened in the event that the seller has not fulfilled his obligations?

  9. says:

    I only want to trace a stolen cell phone. Not interested in intercepts. Can you assist with special license to enable this ability only?

  10. says:

    Still be this working?. Is this real? I wonder this would be real.
    Is this works, possible to connect this service while using proxy or VPN

  11. says:

    Pls,if I buy that of ss7 life time package,I mean that of 5000$US will there be any notification of upgrading in the very near future if needed?

  12. says:

    Hi pls I want to know can the software ss7 bypass ********* And does it works even doe the phone were the number is off an it still get the sms

  13. says:

    DOES your UNLIMITED mean unlimited phone numbers to intercept the call in real time and listen to conversations? Can I record the conversations and download them from the server?

  14. says:

    Hi , sir , if me buy ss7 for life time, should I send you an e-mail from gmail or send it to you via proton email?

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